Friday Night Session

This is a project homepage for free session music and sounds from Red-Island-Studios Berlin.

We publish here parts, so called 'spotlights', of our recorded music sessions, no arrangement, no practice but pure live performed session music. We have never played this before. It is the live stream output of our creative momentum. So we are not able and willing to play it that way again, it is session music. So dont think about booking us for some songs or something like that.

Music is our hobby. We recorded almost every Friday Night session since more than 10 years. We often played some kinda stange but good musik, which got recorded, but never get heared by anyone except us. So this is a place for us to collect good parts of our session and make it also available for us and a wider audiance.

We want you to hear some new, fresh, never heared music. Feel free to hear, download, copy and share our 'spotlights' with your friends and buddys.

Some spotlights may inspire you to mesh them up with your vocal, instrumental or visual creativity. Please do so and send us a copy of your work. If we like it, we will publish it here with your credits. If you publish your mesh-up on other ways, please provide it with a credit to If you earn money with it or gonna get rich, please make a donation for our musicians or studio. Share is fair.

We are currently launching this website, so please be patient until we have released more than 1 so called 'Spotlights'.